Christmas Jumpers at the Office

crazy-xmasWhen people receive Christmas jumpers, their first thoughts will often involve where to wear them. Some people like receiving novelty Christmas jumpers for their own sake, but they’re not interested in actually wearing them. Other people embrace Christmas jumpers entirely, and show up at work, school, and Christmas parties with images of Father Christmas, snowmen, snow, and polar bears all over them.

Since wearing Christmas jumpers is all the rage today, people that wear their Christmas jumpers around the office will not be alone. The craze for Christmas jumpers has led to a surprisingly wide variety of Christmas jumpers, even though they are all essentially variations on the same basic theme. Coworkers can compare Christmas jumpers. People wearing Christmas jumpers look perfectly at home surrounded by Christmas trees, Christmas presents, and bright and cheerful Christmas decorations. Their Christmas jumpers will only add to the holiday cheer and the overall laid-back atmosphere.

Ring-a-Ring a Ringworm – Checking Your Dog

Ringworm starts off as a small legion, a ring shaped mark, usually found more commonly on younger dogs or puppies, ringworm is basically a fungal infection, it usually last for a few months and will then die off but if left untreated can be extremely uncomfortable for the dog. usually it is treated with medication from a vets along side a dip, its always best to let a vet diagnose and treat ringworm in dogs as they will know the best and quickest way to clear the infection. Owners will first see this red mark around the tail, paws, ears and face and the dog will usually itch the area and try to chew and lick it, the area may become bald and flaky. always see a vet to correctly treat your pet.

keep in mind that humans and also other pets in the home can contract ringworm as it will pass to just about anyone, its not fussy about species.

Pet Health Checker – PDSA

Something family related – fleas

Your furry little pet, no matter the species is often your best friend. And more than just your friend, they rely on you for food, care, warmth and friendship. It is up to you to take care of them, nurture them and help them grow, and when done correctly will benefit you with a friend for life.

Grooming your pet is more important than you might think. This isn’t about making them look or feel good, but it’s also about keeping little pests such as fleas and ticks away from them. These fleas are little pests that cause a great deal of itching and could cause sores, patchy or clumpy fur, and infections if left untreated.

Treating your pet for fleas is the easy part. There are collars to help prevent them if they are old enough to wear them. There are also shampoos, conditioners, and pills that can help treat them. But first you need to find out if your friend has them. It starts with simply holding your pet in your lap and petting them. While you are doing this you want to look in between the fur, parting it at times and using a comb to check for signs of fleas. The comb is used to hold the fur back while you inspect them for these little pests. Brushing against the flow of the fur will get the best results, but it can also irritate your pet, so be gentle.

Fleas will jump at the sign they are found, as well as leave small white eggs, or shells of themselves in your pets fur. Once you find the signs it is time to take action to remove them.

Depending on whether your pet is an indoor pet or an outdoor pet will determine how often you want to inspect them. Outdoor pets obviously need to be checked more often. In fact any time they meet another animal or happen to play in a park or the grass in general would be a good idea to check them. Indoor pets should be checked every few weeks as you could carry fleas in the house yourself and not even know it, check out this website for more help and advice.